Disruption in Hospitality Marketing

Disruption in Hospitality Marketing:

Problem or Opportunity?

Hotel customers are rapidly turning away from traditional media to tell them where to stay and relying instead on travel websites like TripAdvisor, Expedia, Yelp and others that feature and are fueled by customer reviews and rankings. Therefore, effective hotel marketing is increasingly a direct function of the high customer enthusiasm that generates positive reviews, and less and less a function of expensive, old-school paid advertising. The most powerful and cost-effective marketing strategy is to provide consistently exceptional customer experiences.

We develop or redesign hotels with this in mind from the bottom to the top, starting with architectural designs that will delight new and repeat customers alike. Second, we train hotel managers to hire and inspire a motivated staff who in turn create an inspired customer base. Some of these are sales staff we train to maximize relationships with nearby businesses and create community enthusiasm, both of which generate maximum referrals. Lastly, we oversee great website design that has an inviting feel with lots of pictures to draw people in.