What we do

Development. Management. Asset Management. Hospitality Consulting.


We have our finger on the pulse of industry data and market performance. Whether a new build opportunity, acquisition and renovation of an existing hotel, or adaptive reuse, we can direct you to the best opportunities and provide discerning analysis to inform successful ventures.

Engaging Communities

Skillful engagement with a hotel property’s surrounding community is essential for success in interacting with the regulatory bodies controlling development, and for maintaining maximum profitability. Increasingly, communities are interested in mixed use projects where a hotel is a catalyst for a larger redevelopment vision.  And guests increasingly appreciate a hotel that is representative of and connected to its surroundings.

When entering a community, we always learn about its history and needs. We develop relationships and contribute time, organizational expertise and modest donations to quality projects and non-profits that have enthusiastic local support. We build hotels that enhance and celebrate their local communities.

This proactive community engagement generates success with local governmental planning agencies, especially where others have failed to get development projects approved. It also leads to customer referrals and contributes to high staff morale, each of which delivers increased profits to investors.


Management Designed for Maximum Return on Investment

A hotel that consistently meets or exceeds the expectations of customers is surprisingly rare and generates significantly higher profits than its competitors, even those with similar design and amenities.

Unlike many businesses, most hotel costs are fixed, so generating just a slightly higher occupancy level – through exceptional customer loyalty and referrals – often means the difference between a healthy profit and an extraordinary one.

This importance of staff and staff culture is often overlooked among hotel operators, but we know that our staff is the face of the hotel and their ability to provide memorable customer service can make the difference between marginal and exceptional profits. In fact, 68% of customers who leave do so due to indifference to a complaint, that’s a lack of training and buy-in and that could have easily been fixed.

Our expertise in staff empowerment and building a motivated culture is essential for better customer service which pays additional dividends by increasing employee morale and teamwork, and lowering employee turnover.

Our Approach to Hospitality

Hospitality is a personal and welcoming art that, when done well, helps travelers feel connected, safe and open to adventure. Staying at a hotel is not a commodity, it represents a profound decision the customer is making to put their lives in our hands for the night. We take that very seriously.

Our managers walk through the hotel, greet customers, and monitor and maintain high standards rather than just sitting in the office. Our maintenance staff picks up dishes they see in the hallway rather than thinking “that’s not my job,” because at every step it is the attention to detail that separates the good hotels from the outstanding ones.  We develop the skills of the team so that they will provide intuitive hospitality, rather than the stiff, memorized interactions that create the tone for lesser customer experiences at many of our competitors.


It is all about building culture. We generate staff enthusiasm and trust to gain guest enthusiasm and trust. We do this by inspiring and energizing our teams around a vision and how each person contributes. We hire managers who support personal growth and achievement, collaborate and listen to their teams and we recognize success. We encourage upward mobility and focus training particularly on empowering our team members to solve problems.

Our Management Services:

After selecting the right property at the right time in the cycle, management is everything.

That’s why we obsess about all the details. Our passionate team has many years of innovative and profitable management and operations experience and provides the full range of hotel management services, including:

The People

  • Staff Training and Culture
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Service

The Finances

  • Revenue Management
  • Cost Control
  • Budget Development

The Sales

  • Digital Presence and Distribution
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Brand Development and Maintenance

The Nuts and Bolts

  • Rigorous operational and maintenance standards
  • Selecting and maintaining the hotel’s systems
  • Food and Beverage

Asset Management

We provide Asset Management to ensure that ownership’s objectives and goals are prioritized. EHG, on behalf of busy owners, works directly with the management company or onsite team to provide oversight on all facets of property operation to achieve higher RevPAR, guest satisfaction and property valuation. Services include:

  • Annual operating budget review
  • Monthly income statement and balance sheet review
  • Evaluating operational efficiencies
  • Reviewing market penetration and competitive set metrics
  • Evaluating sales and marketing strategies
  • Capital improvement recommendations
  • Asset protection and risk management evaluation


With the highest professional and ethical standards as our cornerstone, Embarcadero Hospitality Group provides practical knowledge gained from years of actual operations, as well as experience gained through a wide range of successful consulting assignments.

We listen to your needs, evaluate the variables with rigorous attention to detail and provide timely, smart analysis and direction to ensure maximum returns on investment.

Both public and private clients trust us to provide straightforward, highly useful analysis about whether to – and how to – build hotels, design public/private partnerships, incorporate hotels into large, mixed use urban development projects, and recruit and partner with developers and brands.

Embarcadero Hospitality Group provides the following consulting services:


We locate rare and highly profitable hotel investment opportunities.

Feasibility Analysis

Feasibility analysis to deliver clear-cut evaluation of all aspects of potential hotel projects.

Staff Development

We recruit and train hotel staffs to foster teamwork and performance at the highest level.

Pre-Opening Services

We customize service packages to prepare your hotel for opening, based on your needs.


We coordinate selection and procurement of furnishings fixtures and equipment (FF&E), key and security systems, property management software, credit card interfaces, television and cable providers, internet services and all other property equipment.

Marketing & Branding Services

We specialize in comprehensive, low cost, high impact sales and marketing, leveraging extremely important guest-to-guest internet referrals.

Contract Negotiation

We recruit and negotiate contracts with brands, construction companies, insurance providers and vendors on behalf of owners. We have negotiated on both sides of public/private partnership projects to arrive at win/win agreements for developers and public entities.

Liability Management

We know what to look for, and train staffs to be proactive and vigilant rather than reactive in risk management and loss prevention.